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The Eagle Claw Kung Fu system was developed in China around 1200 AD.  It is based on a system of punches, kicks, sweeps, tosses, and especially locking techniques and pressure points.  It combines physical endurance and stamina with the ability to redirect the force of an opponent and use it against them through rehearsed locking combinations.  Our system of Kung Fu consists of over 75 forms, 108 locking techniques, 10 basic punches, 10 basic kicks, advanced kicks, and sparring techniques.  Kung fu is not something that can be learned overnight.  However, anyone, regardless of how much time they dedicate to it, can benefit from the aerobic activity, self-discipline, and self-defense techniques it provides.

The forms consist of intricate movements designed to be practiced regularly to train oneself on how to properly perform given moves in a sparring or fighting situation.  Our students learn  solo, partner, solo weapon, and partner weapon forms.

Our Lineage

We are proud to be an authorized school in the Ying Jow Pai Association under Grandmaster Leung Shum.

Our lineage is a proud part of who we are.  With our strong and direct instruction, we are able to provide our students one of the most authentic and complete surviving traditional Chinese martial arts.

The Seven Fighting Prinicples

  1. Zhua Da – Qin Na (Grab and strike – Seize and control)
  2. Fen Jin – Zuo Gu (Separate the tendons – Break the bones)
  3. Dien Bi – Qi Shue (Seal the veins – Stop the air and blood flow)
  4. Zhao Nie – Shiao Fung (Claw and press – Block and redirect)
  5. Shan Zhuan – Tong Nuo (Evade by turning – Jump away to avoid)
  6. Diao Cau – Reng Luo (Attack by pressing – Brush off and push)
  7. Nei Shou – Zung Die (Yield the hand – Fall away smoothly)

The 1-2-3 Fighting Concept

  1. Test the opponent’s skill
  2. Set up the opponent
  3. Quickly win the fight


Kung Lek Kuen (Power Fist)

Jeet Kuen (Quick Fist)

Yee Long Kuen (God Fist)

Sei Lok Kuen (Four and Six Fist)

Tan Tui (Springing Leg)

Bung Bo (Praying Mantis)


Sui Yin Kuen (Small Eagle Fist)

Sui Min Jeung (Small Cotton Palm)

Mui Fa Kuen (Plum Flower Fist)

Law Horn Kuen (Buddha Fist)

Hun Kuen (Walking Fist)

Ng Fa Pow (Five Flower Leopard)

Tai Joe Kuen (King Fist)

Ngan Hun Kuen (Walking Goose)

Dai Hung Kuen (Great Hero Form)

Ng Fu Kuen (Five Tiger Fist)

Bat Bo Chi (Eight Step Fist)

Dai Min Jeung (Great Cotton Palm)

Sui Fu Ngan (Small Tiger Eye)

Sui Hung Kuen (Small Hero Fist)

Chin Lau Sai (Front Flowing Movement)

Fook Fu Kuen (Controlling Tiger Fist)

Day Tong Kuen (Ground Fist)

Lin Kuen (Connecting Fist)

Jui Lok Tong (Six Falls Drunken)

Dai Yin Kuen (Great Eagle Fist)


Kwan Yeung Kwan (Shepherd Staff)

Sil Lum Kwan (Shaolin Staff)

Kei Moon Kwan (Odd Door Staff)

Duin Kwan (Short Stick)

Si Dek Kwan (Cane)

Sam Jit Kwan (Three-Section Staff)

Bat Qua Do (Eight Diagram Saber)

Lok Hop Do (Six Harmony Saber)

Day Tong Seung Do (Five Guardian Saber)

Ng Fu Cheung (Five Tiger Spear)

Mui Fa Cheung (Plum Flower Spear)

Lok Hop Cheung (Six Harmony Spear)

Huoon Tzi Cheung (Circle Spinning Spear)

Lin Wan Gim (Connecting Linking Sword)

Dat Mo Gim (Dat Mo’s Sword)

Ching Fung Gim (Clear Wind Sword)

Jor Yow Gim (Left Right Sword)

Lung Fung Seung Gin (Dragon Phoenix Double Sword)
Chun Chow Dai Do (Dynasty Kwan Do)

Sei Moon Dai Do (Four Door Kwan Do)

Seung Pei (Double Daggers)

Fu Tao Seung Ngau (Tiger Head Double Hooks)

Tchut Jit Bin (Seven Link Chain)

Wan Sin (Cloudy Fan)


Doi Min Jeung (Fighting Cotton Palm)

Yat Ling Bat (108)

Toa Kuen (Paired Fist)

Sup Lok Da (Sixteen Strikes)

Hop Gin (Harmony War)

Nim Sau Kuen (Sticky Hand Fist)

Jow Da Cum Na (Eagle Claw Principles)

Sam Yan Doi Kuen (Three Men Fighting Fist)

108 Locking Hand (108 Locking Hand)


Don Do Por Cheung (Single Saber Defeats Spear)

Seung Do Doi Cheung (Double Saber Fights Spear)

Cheung Do Cheung (Spear Fights Spear)

Cheung Duin Doi Kwan (Short Staff Fights Long Staff)

Lui Fung Doi Kwan (Thunder Wind Fighting Staff)

Sam Jit Kwan Doi Cheung (Three Section Staff Fights Spear)

Bu Fu Cheung (Hunting Tiger Spear)

Hung Sau Seung Pei (Empty Hand Fights Double Dagger)

Doi Gim (Fighting Sword)

Doi Gim Mo (Fighting Sword Dance)

Seung Gim Mo (Double Sword Dance)

Dai Do Doi Cheung (Kwan Do Fights Spear)

Don Do Gwai Doi Cheung (Saber and Crutch Fighting Spear)

Sau Doi Cheung (Empty Hand Fighting Spear)

We gear our kung fu programs to you. Our family program creates a challenging, but engaging curriculum for children and parents alike. Our traditional program are great for fitness, sparring, tournaments, self-defense, confidence and so much more. Our classes and location are easily accessible for Windsor Heights, Urbandale, Clive, West Des Moines, Des Moines, Johnston, Waukee.

No cost, no obligations.

Includes ANY of our classes. It’s a great way to see if our programs are a good fit for YOU!