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Deb and Steve are passionate about tumbling and have over 40 years of tumbling instruction.  For Deb, her gymnastics experience began at an early age.  She has competed at both the collegiate level as well as master’s level.  Steve began his gymnastics instruction after meeting Deb and has been teaching for nearly 40 years.  Both are founding members of FEAT Acrobatics.  For more information, visit


Tumbling helps to accelerate your kung fu journey and is a necessary part of your black sash training. Instruction is geared toward both children and adults.  Classes can be taken individually or in conjunction with kung fu classes.


For those unfamiliar with acrobalance, it involves movements of balance, counterbalance, lifts, weight sharing and catching.  It is a fun way to build core strength and confidence.  Classes are incorporated into the tumbling curriculum. 

The “Peacock”, developing both balance and core strength.

No cost, no obligations.

Includes ANY of our classes. It’s a great way to see if our programs are a good fit for YOU!