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Meet Black Sash Instructor Robert

Robert – Shadow Fist Kung Fu and Tai Chi

With a background in youth taekwondo at Erik Heinz black belt academy and Left-Handed boxing through 7 flags, Robert started learning kung fu and tai chi in Des Moines in 2016. After years of physical therapy, injections and medication for a lower back injury, Kung Fu and Tai Chi was a last resort prior to major surgery. 6 years after barely being able to walk into his first class with his son Max of 5 year, he is now a certified instructor and owner of Shadow Fist Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Within 6 months, Robert had lots 60lbs and within a year, his back was almost symptom free. Max grew strong and confidently within the program and aspires to be an instructor himself.  Specializing in self-defense training, stretching, strengthening and conditioning, and introductory training for people of all ages and abilities, Robert’s primary focus is on the success and confidence of the individual. Kung Fu gives people not only the knowledge and abilities to protect themselves and their family, but gives them power over past traumatic experiences and helps heal.