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Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Learn the art of self defense with kung fu, the martial art that trains people physically and mentally. Although these techniques are centuries old, the planned programs being offered are always evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing world.  

Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art designed for both health and self-defense. This exercise is beneficial for people of all ages, young and old. As a formidable martial art, it promotes both physical strength and mental clarity.


Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Yoga was developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago

Tumbling & Acrobalance

Tumbling and Acrobalance are unique adjunct courses to enhance balance, coordination as well as martial art skills required for forms. This class can be used in conjunction with kung fu classes or as a separate program.

Class Schedule

Classes are available for any skill level, ages 5+ (4+ for tumbling).

Our Little Eagles Kung Fu Program are classes designed specifically for our youngest martial artists. Our classes are designed to be engaging and energetic while teaching discipline, confidence and self-control.