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Little Eagles Kung Fu

Our Little Eagles Kung Fu Program is designed specifically for the youngest martial artists and their families. It is a fast-paced 45 minute class that combines fun games, drumming and obstacle courses along with the same material as our adults program. It is presented in a way that sets smaller, more attainable goals and sash progression. Adults are encouraged to enroll and participate with their kids.

Our curriculum begins with Stances, Kung Fu Basics, Punches, Kids, Sparring Techniques. It also introduces 3 Shaolin Long Fist forms called Tam Tui (Springing Leg), Kuen Lek Kuen (Power Fist) and Jeet Kuen (Quick Fist). Upon completion, our Little Eagles graduate and can merge directly into our Eagle Claw Kung Fu program.

We gear our kung fu programs to you. Our family program creates a challenging, but engaging curriculum for children and parents alike. Our traditional program are great for fitness, sparring, tournaments, self-defense, confidence and so much more. Our classes and location are easily accessible for Windsor Heights, Urbandale, Clive, West Des Moines, Des Moines, Johnston, Waukee.