Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Shadow Fist Kung Fu and Tai Chi teaches a traditional style of Shaolin kung fu known as Eagle Claw or Ying Jow Pai as well as Wu Style Tai Chi Chaun. We provide safe and positive training with the highest level of personal attention, service and instruction to every student.  Eagle Claw Kung Fu can be used to improve fitness, self-defense as well as boosting confidence, life skills and self-esteem.  We offer classes designed for kids (5+) and families as well as adult classes that empower our students to defend themselves, both physically and mentally.
We serve adults, families and children interested in learning a unique and traditional discipline.  Our classes can be used for fitness, fun, self-defense, lifetime learning.

Improve Fitness

We are trained martial arts experts looking to empower students who are looking to diversify their training, want to learn to defend themselves, or are lifelong learners.  

Personalized Attention

We help our students build self-defense skills and confidence through safe, positive, and personalized martial arts training.

Feel Empowered

We envision a community where the traditions of martial arts help students overcome past traumas and feel prepared to defend themselves in the future while building character through discipline and practice.


Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Learn the art of self defense with kung fu, the martial art that trains people physically and mentally. Although these martial art techniques are centuries old, the planned programs being offered are always evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing world.  

Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art designed for both health and self-defense. This exercise is beneficial for people of all ages, young and old. As a formidable martial art, it promotes both physical strength and mental clarity.

Stretching & Conditioning

Stretching and Conditioning classes are designed to help students increase flexibility and strength. This class can be used in conjunction with kung fu classes or as a separate program.

Tumbling & Acrobalance

Tumbling and Acrobalance are unique adjunct courses to enhance balance, coordination as well as martial art skills required for forms. This class can be used in conjunction with kung fu classes or as a separate program.

Classes are available for any skill level, ages 5+ (4+ for tumbling).

Our School


Sifu Aaron

Black Sash Instructor Matt

Black Sash Instructor Robert

All classes with the exception of tumbling are also available online via zoom.



Per Month
($75 one-time enrollment fee)

2 Classes/Week
Eagle Claw Kung Fu
Wu Style Tai Chi


Per 6 Months
Enrollment Fee Waived
Save 9%


Enrollment Fee Waived
Save 15%



Per Month
($75 one-time enrollment fee)

Unlimited Classes/Week
Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Tumbling, Stretching and Conditioning, Claws + HIT


Per 6 Months
Enrollment Fee Waived
Save 10%


Enrollment Fee Waived
Save 15%



Per Month Per Family Member
($75 one-time enrollment fee)

2 Classes/Week
2+ Family Members

Drop-In Class
  • Rank appropriate classes only. Uniform required
Private Lessons
  • Package of 4. Call/email for availability
Stretching and Conditioning Class
  • Stretching and Conditioning Class ONLY
  • Tumbling class ONLY


Although we are teaching the “Secrets” of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, our school shouldn’t be. Training is always better with friends and family. Bring a friend with you for class and for each new membership (2 month minimum), you will receive a $50 credit to your account that can be applied to your monthly tuition, weapons, apparel, sparring equipment, seminars, private lessons and more!

Current and Returning Students

If you are a current or returning student, please log into your PushPress account to make changes to your status, including pausing or reactivating your membership or adding a family member.

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Visit our studio conveniently located in Windsor Heights. We’re on the backside of the building between Baskin Robins and Immanuel Health on Hickman Road.


(515) 380-5590