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Class Etiquette

Uniform- Shadow Fist Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Please follow these rules in order to make the most of your training experience for you and your training brothers and sisters.

  • Bowing: when you enter and leave the room, always bow to the room, Sifu, and to more advanced students
  • Respect your instructors and fellow students.
  • Please arrive on time for class.
  • If you are late, don’t disturb the class when you arrive. Change quietly into your uniform.
  • Wear your school uniform; school T-shirt, pants, shoes, and sash. As a backup, please try to wear a black T-shirt.
  • Practice without interruption.
  • If you are not practicing and observing, please speak quietly.
  • Try to leave your cellphone in the lockers . Turn down your ringer so it is not disrupting class.
  • Do not leave clothes or personal belongings behind in the school or lockers.
  • Do not eat food or chew gum during class.
  • Do not pick up any equipment or weapons without asking your instructor first, if you have never used the weapon before.
  • Be humble. This means focus on your personal Kung Fu practice while you are here..


  • Please attend the classes designated for you to ensure sufficient learning and training for all students.
  • There are no credits, make-ups or refunds for missed classes.

Uniforms and Dress Code:

You must, at all times, wear the appropriate uniform to class. If you do not wear the appropriate uniform to class, you will not be allowed to train and/or will be disciplined accordingly (push-ups for kung fu students). The appropriate dress code includes:

  • Shirt: Black Shadow Fist Kung Fu and Tai Chi T-Shirt.
  • Pants: Black Kung Fu/Tai Chi pants or Black Yoga pants. No visible rips, tears, or stains.
  • Shoes: Kung Fu/Tai Chi shoes. Pre-orders can be made on PushPress or at the School
  • Sashes: You must wear your sash to class.

An instructor will inform you if any attire is inappropriate.

Weapons and Sparring:

  • All students learning weapons/sparring must purchase their own gear weapons/gear to train with from Shadow Fist Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
  • All students are responsible for bringing their own equipment to class and taking it home after class.
  • All students must use their own weapons/gear in class.
  • All students must treat weapons with the respect they deserve; they are not toys.

Payment and Late Fees:

  • Tuition is due on time. There is a $10 late fee for past due tuition. If the tuition and late fees are not paid by the end of the month, the student will not be allowed to train until tuition and late fees are paid in full.
  • There will also be a $20.00 charge for bounced checks.